Join the Agroecology TPP at GLF Climate tomorrow, 6 November!

The GLF Climate: Forests, Food and Finance - Frontiers of Change conference is in full swing! Packed with interactive digital and in-person events, this three-day conference will provide a fresh perspective on some of the most pressing topics of our time. The Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology has three sessions lined up for tomorrow, 6 November.

1. Ecosystem based adaptation: linking upstream and downstream catchments in Sri Lanka: 6 November, 9 - 10:30 AM GMT

This interactive session presents the climate rationale for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) EbA project in Sri Lanka, which blends agroecological approaches and EbA as it interconnects the upstream Knuckles catchment and downstream areas in a landscapes approach, involving a broad array of adaptation measures, ranging from governance and financing to supporting the agroecological intensification.

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2. Actioning agroecologically-conducive policies for a food system transformation: 6 November, 3:15 - 4 PM GMT

The session will bring the policy discussion aimed at the agroecological transformation of food systems to the forefront. It will review and discuss the findings of the background paper on the ‘Agroecologically-conducive policies: A review of recent advances and remaining challenges’ with the paper’s authors, taking into account the feedback received during an open consultation. The session will also explore the implications for action by the emerging Coalition for the Transformation of Food Systems Through Agroecology, which involves 27 countries and 35 organizations.

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3. Growing the momentum for agroecological transformation to resilient food systems: 6 November, 6 - 7 PM GMT

The plenary will link the 13 agroecological principles from the CFS HLPE (2019) report, the CFS policy recommendations on agroecological and other innovative approaches and the coalition on transforming food systems through agroecology emerging from the UN Food Systems Summit with the imperative to reduce the contribution that agriculture makes to global warming while adapting to effects of climate change. The focus will be on prioritizing actions to effect agroecological transitions and ensuring inclusivity and equity of agency amongst all actors in food systems.

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