Whether they’re planting trees, recovering coral reefs, connecting stakeholders or creating local communities, tune in to  GLF Acts first session at #GLFClimate and learn about the GLF Restoration Alliance. In particular,  find out more about what Restoration Stewards and GLF chapters are doing to restore our planet as part of a global effort during the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

This session's speakers will include: 

  • His Majesty the King, Inkosi ya Makhosi Gomani V King of the Maseko Ngoni.

  • Ms. Ottilie Bälz, Senior Vice President - Robert Bosch Foundation 

  • Anali Bustos, Forest Steward

  • Laura Mukwana - GLF Nairobi


  • Sunday Geofrey Mbafoambe, GLF Yaounde


Register now ➡️ https://glfx.globallandscapesforum.org/networks/events/69459

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