Offer from GLFx: A Free Solidarity Booth during GLF Amazonia

As part of our effort to support small organizations and initiatives, we are providing free spaces for digital exhibitions - solidarity booths during the upcoming GLF Amazonia Digital Conference: The Tipping Point – Solutions from the Inside Out, from 21-23 September, 2021.

After introducing the solidarity booths at our GLF Africa digital conference in June, 2021, we are now scaling up this initiative for GLF Amazonia. Only organizations in the LAC region are eligible for booths at GLF Amazonia.

Exhibition booths will be housed on the Inwink platform and will be explored by conference attendees. Organizations can show presentations, screen videos, host meetups  and share their experiences with an audience dedicated to protecting and preserving the Amazon Biome.

A solidarity booth is also a great opportunity for small organizations, social businesses and startups to connect with potential partners. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply here before 15 September, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Maya Lindemann (

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