What is Rewilding and the Rewilding Community of Practice?

'What is rewilding?'

What is Rewilding?


GLFx Rewilding CoP - first (virtual) event,
July 14th 2021

Did you miss our first event back in July?

Don’t worry, now you can read everything about it. Read in this post about the Rewilding Community of Practice, what we do and how you can join us.

Are you more curious about our speakers Erik de Boer, James Meadows and Purnima Devi Barman and about what rewilding means to them? Read about it in our next blog post on "Stories of our speakers".


Our first event revolved around the question “What is Rewilding?”. To answer this question, we shared some of our personal rewilding stories and wanted to know what rewilding is to you.


With our first event, we wanted to start a conversation with you. We wanted to make you curious about rewilding, inspire you and motivate you to join us on our journey to build up a strong and supportive Rewilding CoP.

Screen shot of 'What is Rewilding' attendees.

By now rewilding has gained a lot of momentum. The UN proclaimed this decade as the “Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” recognizing the need to restore degraded landscapes and ecosystems. The time seems right to push for rewilding and to further explore its huge potential to solve environmental, social and even economic challenges.

That’s why we started building this Rewilding Community of Practice (CoP).


What is Rewilding Community of Practice?

The idea of a Rewilding CoP is to create a community by connecting people who are interested in rewilding. We want to create a space where people with various backgrounds can exchange thoughts, knowledge and ideas about rewilding and where they can inspire each other. We also would like to make rewilding knowledge more accessible.



Our mission is to co-create a community of people driven by socio-environmental justice through engaging practical and theoretical knowledge on rewilding.


What does the Rewilding
Community of Practice do?

We (would like to) organize talks, workshops, training and many more rewilding activities - online and offline. We also would like to create and provide access to other resources such as blog posts, social media campaigns, instructional videos, podcasts… and whatever else we can think of. There is a lot of room for (your) creative ideas.

At this moment, our community is still a rather small community. But we are growing and we would love to have you on board. We believe that together, we can build a thriving and supportive rewilding community of like-minded and ambitious people that share the same vision and values.

Our vision is to transform our communities through creating thriving natural environments based on the harmony of functioning ecological processes, natural regeneration and social stability.


Our vision and shared values of curiosity, collaboration and inspiration connect us and form the basis of the Rewilding CoP. We believe that with this community, we can create something meaningful for us and the future generations to come.  

Can you identify with our vision, mission and values?

No matter whether you are an experienced rewilding practitioner or whether this is the first time you hear about rewilding, we would love to see you around.

You can become an active member of the core team, join us during future events or get involved in rewilding conversations on our online platforms (LinkedIn or GLFx). 

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We are excited to meet you!


Lina Dilly

Rewilding Community of Practice Core Member & Rewilding Ambassador


Environmental Communicator

at Alerce Environmental.

Curious about what our speakers talked about during the event?

Read on to read their stories...


What is rewilding to you?


. . .


"one of the ideas that can save the world and all wild kinds but still to me it's an idea that quite far from reality and too ideal concept but it should be worked and spread out to every country one day"


. . .


"Rewilding is basically the revival of lost connection with the nature. How we can get back what we lost over a period of time."


. . .


"Restoring and repairing the damaged ecosystem and protecting our beautiful nature with animals, people and all the rare species."


. . .


"Giving nature more space"


. . .


"Rewilding means inclusivity of both people and nature to thrive in a harmonized environment."


. . .




Let's talk more about Rewilding together!



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