For our August campaign, our partners at the Collective Movement want to hear from you for their "People Under the Storm" archive!

Urgent action is needed to both mitigate and adapt to the Climate Crisis. For this to succeed, the call must become more widespread, more people need to become passionate about demanding Climate Justice. 

There is a disconnect in the language used by climate activists and the real life stories of the people on the ground. This disconnect makes it difficult for messages of climate justice to resonate with the general populace.

The Collective Movement aim to begin to change this by creating a database of stories that will make the issue of Climate Change more relatable and understandable to communities all over South Africa.

If you have lived through a natural disaster, extreme natural event or climate change linked crisis TCM want to hear your story! 

TCM are collecting these stories to raise the alarm and create awareness about how dependent human society is on the natural environment - everything that is at risk should we fail to act. 

TCM have called the project People Under The Storm to bring light to the seriousness of these climate and social injustices and how they’re affecting people who are often unheard.

To add your story to a growing database simply fill in the Google Form or email it to

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