Invitation to review the "Agroecologically-conducive policies" draft

On behalf of the Agroecology Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP), you are invited to review the current draft of “Agroecologically-conducive policies: a review of recent advances and remaining challenges.”



The document was unveiled at the “Policies for Agroecology” event on 15 July, which brought together more than 570 participants including government leaders, civil society representatives, donors and members of the private sector. 


By opening the document up to the TPP community, the event organizers hope to create a dynamic platform for sharing ideas and collecting valuable feedback on the draft before preparing it for final publication. You are also free to discuss the document in our live feed!


“The main objective of this workshop was to share information about interactions between science and policy,” said Étienne Hainzelin, who is the advisor to the president of the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development (CIRAD). “Participants are invited to add references as well as examples of policy successes and failures at various levels of governance. In this way, we can enrich the paper and develop a more complete framework.”


To participate in this process, please DOWNLOAD the comment form template, which contains instructions on how to format your edits and suggestions. Once you’re finished commenting on the draft, submit the excel file using the Dropbox link below:




Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2021


You can also send your feedback in excel format to


More information about our work on policies for agroecology can be accessed here. 


Thank you for taking the time to help us draw the blueprints for sustainable and global agroecological transitions!

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