GLFx Nairobi:The International Day for Biological Diversity Day 2021

Tree planting events at Uhuru Gardens Primary School and  Lang’ata West primary School, Nairobi

By Kiptoo Chemoiywo

The International Day for Biological Diversity is usually celebrated on the 22nd of  May. This year’s theme was ‘We’re Part of the Solution’. To support the year’s  theme and the commemoration of the day, GLFx Nairobi Chapter in collaboration  with other youthful organizations: Stand Up Shout Out, Taifa Teule Leadership  Network, The Millenial Environmentalists and The Miti Alliance organized a tree  planting activity in two primary schools; Uhuru Gardens Primary School and  Lang’ata West primary School. 

More than a hundred vibrant youth and children turned up for the event ready to  make their hands dirty just to ensure they become part of the solution to climate  change and restoring the degraded environment. GLFx Nairobi Chapter organized a  tree curriculum session which was aimed at showing the young children in  attendance how to plant seedlings and telling them the importance of the same. The  audience was taken through this session by Gerance Mutwol. 

Figure 1: The Tree Curriculum Session 

More than 250 indigenous seedlings were planted on that day. These included Markhamia lutea, Croton megalocarpus, Warburgia ugadensis, African tuliptree among others. The indigenous trees were preferred due to their resilience when  planted as they do not require too much water uptake for them to survive. When fully  grown, their carbon sequestration is also much higher compared to the exotic trees and most indigenous trees have a lot of medicinal values. 

Figure 2: The tree planting session 

From the tree planting activity, it was evident that most young people are ready to  take actions in offering solutions especially when it comes to restoration activities. In  an urban city like Nairobi, loads of environmental degradation have taken place  hence exacerbating climate change and other catastrophes like floods when it rains,  and it is only when we come together to do such restoration programs that we restore  back strongly. 

Figure 3: Happiness posture by the attendees 


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