New Start-Up Program Launched to Support Entrepreneurs Building Circular Economy

U.S.-based nonprofit Food System 6 (FS6) announces the launch of a comprehensive startup program in partnership with global sustainable food packaging leader Huhtamaki. The Huhtamaki Circular Economy Startup Program by Food System 6 is designed to accelerate the development of young and promising companies working for a more sustainable future. It will focus on identifying and developing early-stage companies with innovative and promising sustainable solutions in areas such as waste diversion, sustainable packaging alternatives, new materials innovations, and regenerative production models.

The program will focus on fostering innovative solutions for the development of a circular economy across the food system value chain with the aim of increasing the long-term health and resilience of our planet. Through the partnership with Huhtamaki, FS6 is providing critical mentorship, advising and networking resources to give direct support to selected participants to help build on their ideas and work towards building to scale. In addition, up to $300,000 in equity-free grants will be disbursed to eight selected companies.


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