Welcome to the Food and Livelihoods Community of Practice (CoP)! 

You are now a member of the first-ever GLF Community. We have just launched our 2020 theme of Food and Livelihoods and are piloting and prototyping this platform. Your participation is crucial in the early stages so here's some advice on what to do first: 

Step 1: Introduce yourself 

Hop in the Forum to share who you are, your expertise, experience, and why you've joined. Find someone with common interests? You can send a private message to connect. 

Step 2: Share your knowledge 

Knowledge is the ultimate currency so don't keep it to yourself. You can create an event, share a post in the live feed, or ask and answer provocative questions in the Forum

Step 3: Participate in an event 

Network and gain new insights by finding an event for you. Upcoming this Thursday is the GLF Digital Forum: Food Without Farmers. Stay tuned for upcoming Q&A's with expert speakers, Digital Summits from GLF partners, and exclusive news and updates. 

Step 4: Download the mobile app (Android) 

Don't want to miss the action? Visit the Google Play store on your android device and find the app "GLFx - Nature Based Action' to stay connected with ease. 


"Everything you want in life is a relationship away."  Idowu Koyenikan 

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